Chapter 1: Chicago 2016
Chicago’s failed efforts to land the Olympic Games offer deep insights into the cult and culture of promotion in modern society.

Chapter 2: 1800s Antecedents
We live in the age of marketing. But in a way, so did our great great grandparents.

Chapter 3: The Spectacle Shaper
From Budapest to Bedouin tents, how newspaperman Moses P. Handy turned the 1893 World’s Fair into the best publicized event of the 19th Century, or maybe any Century.

Chapter 4: The Image Impresario
John M. Burke didn’t invent Buffalo Bill, the Wild West show, or the modern concept of celebrity; he just buffed them to a blinding sheen.

Chapter 5: The Media Manipulator
In promoting the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Tody Hamilton played the English language like a Stradivarius and turned the press into a promotional tool.

Chapter 6: The Brand Builder
Long before he built the National Park Service, Stephen Mather built one of the first “power” brands; and more than a century later 20-Mule Team Borax is still going strong.

Chapter 7: 1893
Like disparate railroad lines converging toward a station, the groundbreaking marketing efforts of these pioneers of promotion came together to make1893 into a magical and seminal year.

Chapter 8: Legacies
Old press agents never die; they just give birth to entirely new industries.